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Start seeing the return on your marketing investment. Let us help you grow your business, reach new customers, and turn prospects into raving fans.

What We Offer

  • Strategy & Branding

    Strategy & Branding

    Great marketing strategy for your brand starts with setting REAL BUSINESS GOALS.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing helps you attract, convert and close NEW CUSTOMERS and turn them into BRAND ADVOCATES.

  • Website Development

    Website Development

    At Ainsley & Co., we design and develop websites that CONVERT visitors into leads, and turn leads into CUSTOMERS.

  • Video Production


    Our videos allow viewers to LEARN YOUR STORY and connect with your company on a PERSONAL LEVEL.

"The geniuses at Ainsley & Company should not be confined by the industry preconceptions of "agency," because frankly, they are so much more than that. It’s more like a collective of super-smart, creative multimedia and marketing professionals who go above and beyond what’s in the contract to deliver a product that the client loves." - Lauren Hamilton, Director of Marketing

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore

Grow your Revenue

Grow your Revenue

First, set your goals for growth, and then map a strategic plan to make it happen. The right message, at the right place, at the right time, will help you attract new customers and sell more to existing customers.

Build your Brand

Build your Brand

Communication to your current clients before, during, and after the sale is key to a great reputation, and it will generate more referrals than you could ever imagine.

Attract the Best Talent

Attract the Best Talent

Happy employees = happy customers. Attract and retain top talent, and keep your team operating at a high level with the right internal communications plan. If you can’t deliver what you promised on time, you’ll never reach your goals for growth: and you can’t do it alone.

Our Clients

"Tom Ainsley and his team took the time to learn about our business, and more importantly our target customers, to design and develop our brand and website. From concept, to design, to implementation, Tom and his team were professional, responsive, creative and thorough. You can't really ask for much more." - Edward Price, Principal

Price & Keir

How We Work

We want to work with companies that face BIG CHALLENGES and are COMMITTED TO GROWTH.

We structure our client relationships as projects with strict deadlines and specific outcomes, or as monthly retainers to meet long-term organizational goals and measured ROI. Simply put, we’re here when you need us.

How We Think

Mayhem Blog
February 10, 2016
Marketing 101: Run Campaigns, Not Ads

From my time working in local advertising sales here in Baltimore at WBAL-AM, and of course in the past 6 years as we’ve grown Ainsley & Co.’s client roster here in Baltimore, I’ve seen thousands of advertising buys from all types of businesses both B2C and B2B. One of the biggest lessons I think small and mid-sized businesses (the people we specialize in helping here at Ainsley) can learn from watching large national/global brands is how they approach their advertising: they don’t just run ads, they run integrated campaigns. An ad is a single creative piece that may well be funny, memorable, and interesting. A campaign is a coordinated effort… Read more »

September 15, 2015
The Best Advice I Ever Got

Right before I graduated from college, I received a piece of unsolicited advice that has stuck with me: Work hard, be kind to others and success will come. It’s a simple concept: Do your job, don’t cut any corners, don’t be a jerk, etc. Nothing we haven’t heard before. However, I’ve always taken it a step further. To me, it means to connect with people who are brilliant and hard working and get things done the right way. It means to never stop looking for ways to contribute and work together. And most importantly, it means to never stop learning. It didn’t take long for it to become clear that… Read more »

inbounds Day 2
September 10, 2015
Day 2 at INBOUND15

Background: INBOUND15 is a four-day series of inspiring events (speakers, training, networking opportunities) at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center that helps fuel and educate innovative and successful business leaders.  Tom Ainsley, founder of Ainsley & Co., is recapping his experiences at the conference. To read about Day 1, clickhere.  Wednesday was the first full day at INBOUND, and it started early. The line at the Starbucks inside the hotel before the first keynote was probably 40 people long – perhaps only twice as long as what I’m used to at the Starbucks on Boston Street near our office in Canton, so not a big deal. Here are my big… Read more »

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