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Ainsley & Co. Testimonial from Amy Passen of Canton Club

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore

"The geniuses at Ainsley & Company should not be confined by the industry preconceptions of "agency," because frankly, they are so much more than that. It’s more like a collective of super-smart, creative multimedia and marketing professionals who go above and beyond what’s in the contract to deliver a product that the client loves." Show More..."Their tactical suggestions, design sensibilities, and development follow through helped us turn around a responsive, well-strategized campaign that included new messaging, brand guidelines, and a multi-platform responsive website. Tom and his team are dedicated to their clients, and the customer service they delivered was the best I have ever experienced with an agency. Tom has surrounded himself with pretty impressive talent, and I cannot wait to tackle another project with them again soon." - Lauren Hamilton, Director of Marketing
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Grow your Revenue

Grow your Revenue

First, set your goals for growth, and then map a strategic plan to make it happen. The right message, at the right place, at the right time, will help you attract new customers and sell more to existing customers.

Build your Brand

Build your Brand

Communication to your current clients before, during, and after the sale is key to a great reputation, and it will generate more referrals than you could ever imagine.

Attract the Best Talent

Attract the Best Talent

Happy employees = happy customers. Attract and retain top talent, and keep your team operating at a high level with the right internal communications plan. If you can’t deliver what you promised on time, you’ll never reach your goals for growth: and you can’t do it alone.

Ainsley & Co. Testimonial from Amy Passen of Canton Club

Price & Keir

"Tom Ainsley and his team took the time to learn about our business, and more importantly our target customers, to design and develop our brand and website. From concept, to design, to implementation, Tom and his team were professional, responsive, creative and thorough. You can't really ask for much more." - Edward Price, Principal


We want to work with companies that face BIG CHALLENGES and are COMMITTED TO GROWTH.

We structure our client relationships as projects with strict deadlines and specific outcomes, or as monthly retainers to meet long-term organizational goals and measured ROI. Simply put, we’re here when you need us.

Marketing Success: At 19, @HelloKaty Attracts and Engages Thousands of Followers
Aug 12, 2015
Marketing Success: At 19, @HelloKaty Attracts and Engages Thousands of Followers

Marketing Success - @HelloKatyFashionable. Fresh. Fun. Real.

These words describe college sophomore Katy Bellotte, who, at age 19-and-a-half, boasts a social media track record that would impress any long tenured professional.

Why You Should Send Your Web Developer into the Woods
Aug 06, 2015
Why You Should Send Your Web Developer into the Woods

Why a web developer is valuableThe best web developers, the ones you want in your corner, don’t have an off switch. We think about our projects non-stop, day-and-night, through dinners, during movies, while drinking a cup of coffee …  all the time. Some of my greatest web development moments have come during times when I’m doing dishes, mowing the lawn and, especially, when I’m hiking.

5 Tools Marketers Shouldn’t Live Without
Jul 28, 2015
5 Tools Marketers Shouldn’t Live Without

Learn 5 tools marketers need

Marketing tools have evolved immensely in the past five years. We now have to sift through an even greater maze of digital possibility created by the relentless influx of new "vital" apps.

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