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Gone are the days of saving magazine clippings to plan a wedding or to help design your dream home; that is, if you’re using Pinterest. Growing significantly from 1.2 million users in August 2011 to over 4 million today, Pinterest is the newest social site grabbing the attention of consumers and businesses.


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Our Client: We want to do a Groupon!

Spas, restaurants, art, cupcakes, skydiving, wine tasting, Mexico getaway – not a day goes by that most of us don’t view some sort of “Daily Deal”. Whether you are a Groupon or Living Social fanatic, I’m sure you have been exposed to the daily deal frenzy in one way or another. Many small businesses are drooling over the idea of getting hundreds of customers in the door by offering a significant discount for a day, with no up-front costs.


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1. Calls to Action

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make with their website is missing a clear call to action. If you want a visitor to become a customer, did you actually ask for the order? You have to remind yourself that your website should not read like an employee manual, that tells every little thing about your business and its history. It’s a sales and marketing tool, there to educate and motivate a potential customer or business partner to contact you. If you’re a typical service-based business, and not an e-commerce site, you should always have at least two calls to action – a phone number and contact form. Many customers, myself included, prefer to do their due diligence and research online, and if properly motivated, THEN pick up the phone and talk to a live person. If it’s after normal business hours, a contact form lets me reach out to a company while I’m interested, knowing I will receive a callback the next day. Make sure you give them a reason why they should act now instead of moving on.