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5 Ways to Convert More of your Web Traffic into LEADS

1. Calls to Action One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make with their website is missing a clear call to action. If you want a visitor to become a customer, did you actually ask for the order? You have to remind yourself that your website should not read like an employee manual, that tells every little thing about your business and its history. It’s a sales and marketing tool, there to educate and motivate a potential customer or business partner to contact you. If you’re a typical service-based business, and not an e-commerce site, you should always have at least two calls to action – a phone number and… Read more »

Google’s Super Bowl Commercial – See here

Now that the Super Bowl is firmly behind us, I wanted to go back and review one of my favorite ads, and invite you to take a second look at it as well. I’m talking about Google, and I think most of us underestimate how much we rely on Google. For directions, restaurant reviews, retailers, contractors, language translation, as a dictionary – Google is our portal to the internet. It’s the car that allows us to drive on the information superhighway.

Lead Generation Web site Design

If you have a business here in the Baltimore/Washington area, hopefully you have a Web site of some sort. If not, no problem, this still pertains to you. Lead Generation Web Sites are sites designed with the sole purpose of generating contact from a visitor, either via a phone call, e-mail or contact form. By building a search engine friendly web site, that is easy to navigate with a clear call to action, you will be taking the first step towards building a lead generation machine that will send business from qualified prospects your way. Lead Generation web sites are idea for: Lawyers Landscaping Companies HVAC companies Doctors Mortgage companies… Read more »