December 13, 2022

Adam Kiefer, Ryan MacPherson of UNC STAR Heel Labs Featured in New England Journal of Medicine

Adam Kiefer and Ryan MacPherson are the co-directors of the UNC STAR Heel Performance Laboratory at UNC Chapel Hill, and co-founders of Elipsys, an performance tracking and improvement company whose clients include professional sports franchises in the NBA, Major League Baseball, and more. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Elipsys and STAR Heel Labs over the past year, helping them with brand development, UX, and creating marketing collateral to help them better tell their story to professional sports franchises looking for a competitive edge through Elipsys’ eye-tracking technology. 

In December, the New England Journal of Medicine published Kiefer’s study “Trial of Training to Reduce Driver Inattention in Teens with ADHD”, where Keifer and his co-authors leveraged Elipsys’s eye-tracking technology to study the impact of ADHD on the driving habits of teens, and demonstrated the effectiveness of a computerized skills-training program on reducing accidents. You can also read more about the team and their study in this article from UNC Research. 

Congrats to Adam, Ryan and their team at STAR Heel Labs – we can’t wait to see what’s next for this exciting team and their ground-breaking tech!