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A Digital Platform Clearview Group
Showcasing Expertise

Strategy Built on Data

The Assignment

An Online Presence to Match Their Expertise

Clearview Group called on Ainsley to first take on the role of (outsourced) Chief Marketing Officer for the organization. They had just parted ways with a much larger agency because, in their words, they felt like they weren’t getting the agency’s “A Team”. They had only a single staffer internally dedicated to marketing, and wanted us to start by hitting the reset button on their marketing and establishing clear priorities and a strategic plan that made sense for their size, industry, geographic focus, and aggressive growth goals.

Their first ask? A complete revamp of their website from top to bottom, providing them with a platform they could use to show off their people, their expertise, and their growth.

Solutions Provided

  • Copywriting
  • Digital Advertising
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Design Focused on Data

What We Did

The Approach

The goals for the website project were clear: leapfrog their competitors with an elegant brand experience; deliver an interesting, tailored customer experience on the level of a rising national firm, not just a small regional player like so many in the market; and demonstrate their team’s expertise and broad experience.

Customizing Each User’s Experience Within a Single Site Visit. Most website users are familiar with the tactic of retargeting, or remarketing, where once a user leaves a site they see ads for that site on other websites as they travel along the way. We set that campaign up for Clearview, but we took it a step further.

When a user visits Clearview’s website, we first acknowledge to the user how we collect and use data for transparency, in line with most of the large firms in the world. Then, as the user peruses the site, they tell us by their actions what service lines they are there to explore. When a user eventually ventures back to the home page at some point in their visit, or returns on subsequent visits, we use their history on the site to ensure that the featured content on the home page is relevant to that service. For the visitor, it helps them find more of what they demonstrated they were most interested in; for Clearview, it helps them demonstrate their expertise in that particular area and assure a visitor that they’re in the hands of an expert.

Design Thinking. Clearview had just unveiled their new corporate identity, and their primary colors were extremely rich and vibrant shades of orange, red, and magenta. By converting most of their photography on the site to black and white, with the purposeful exception of their social media and Team pages, we were able to keep the visitor from being overwhelmed. Also, the choice of a black and white aesthetic for the photography helps deliver an elegant, professional tone to the site, leaving us the vibrant brand colors for us to use in their buttons for all of the CTAs on the site.

We used custom photos wherever possible. We worked with several local photographers to stage and gather environmental shots of their team interacting, in addition to new professional headshots for the firm’s practice leaders.

Creating a Talent Showcase. Based on Clearview Group’s Google Analytics data, and our experience working with professional services firms, we knew that we needed to showcase 4 things on almost every page, but in different degrees of prominence depending on the site map. These included their people; their practice areas; client success stories; and recent news and insights specifically related to those people and practice areas. You’ll see this in action on their IT Risk Advisory & Security page, where we have an explanation of the practice area; a case study for a successful project they completed for Sinclair Broadcast Group; an introduction to the practice leader, Aaron Kerr; and recent insights from Aaron Kerr and Clearview CTO Todd Jennings. The page lets a user get to know the people at Clearview, the clients that trust them, and how they think about the challenges they take on for their clients.

Celebrating Big Wins (For Their Clients). We’ll dive a bit deeper into the case studies here. Clearview has assembled a strong team of experts across a number of practice areas, and we needed to show off some of the big names that Clearview has been working with. We built every page of the site in a modular fashion to allow for case studies to be integrated wherever possible. Each service page, bio page, and the home page allow for Clearview to simply click a button to “Show Case Study” and then select which case study to feature where on the site. Successful projects for companies like Sinclair Broadcast Group, Personal Genome Diagnostic, and others signal to prospects that Clearview is a leader, and these well-known brands trust Clearview to solve their most important business challenges.

Staying Current. In addition to their blog posts and case studies, we helped Clearview with a PR strategy that included crafting nominations for regional and national awards such as EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Places to Work; Top Accounting Firms, and more. We wanted to showcase these awards and recognition as one of the first things on the site. You can see on the homepage where the client is able to identify a recent news or insight post type to feature above the scroll, rather than simply hiding “News” in the footer.

Results Intro

The Results

Throughout the early days of our engagement with Clearview, we were able to quickly deliver a number of marketing projects for them – a new website built on a foundation of data, strategy, persona development and strategic positioning; sales tools that were consistently branded and showcased their expertise built on years of experience; a content marketing plan that helped them consistently publish and distribute their content through social media; and positioning statements that led to their being recognized both locally and nationally as a fast-growth company that has attracted and retained top talent in the industry.

While we’re proud to have delivered all of these tools that helped fuel their growth to record levels, we’re most proud of the overall value we were able to provide – being a catalyst to an already great organization and helping them prioritize, execute, and grow a marketing program to share the story of the great work their were already doing. Like many organizations we work with, they were already doing great work in their industry – they just needed a little help from our team to help tell that story outside their walls.


84.05% Increase in Users

By increasing the amount of shareable content, and leveraging social media, more people are finding Clearview

24.5% Increase in Pages Per Session

Each visitor is consuming more content

Dynamic Case Studies

Tools their sales team can use anywhere