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On the Job Since 1865 DAP Full Service Marketing

Digital Transformation


The Challenge

We’ve worked on many projects for DAP, but for the purposes of this feature we’ll focus on three challenges we were faced with in a relatively short window.

Corporate Tagline – During an initial meeting with the client to talk about a completely different project, actually our first with DAP, the CEO threw us a curveball. He liked what he was hearing about our agency, and wanted to give us a challenge to see how we think about another area they were struggling with. Their tagline at the time, “You’ll find us in all the right places” just didn’t evoke the strength and longevity needed to appeal to both their DIY and the pro customer populations. He gave us 30 minutes, left the room, having said that when he came back he wanted to hear our thoughts on what their new corporate tagline should be. No pressure, right? (Later, based on our performance, we were hired with an actual scope of work, a real timeline, and a budget to create the real tagline. But we had to earn that chance – more on that next).

Brand Video – Shortly after taking on the brand challenge, DAP also engaged us to create a dynamic sales video, something unlike they had ever created, to unveil at their upcoming national sales meeting. It need to again appeal to the DIYer, the hobbyist, and the pro markets, and create an emotional response that would generate pride in the DAP brand for those that work there. The catch? We had 3 weeks to come up the script, location, talent, and finish all post-production to deliver a polished video they could unveil to thousands of employees.

DynaGrip Microsite – The final challenge involved one of their primary product lines. DAP had just unveiled a brand new line of construction adhesives for contractors called DynaGrip and sought to give the new products a digital presence to serve as a hub for their marketing efforts, and an online reference for their sales team. DAP set their sights on product microsite to introduce contractors to the new line of construction adhesives and showcase the features and benefits each product offers.

Solutions Provided

  • Copywriting
  • Design Consulting
  • Digital Advertising
  • Media Buying & Planning
  • Visual Branding
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

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What We Did

Corporate Tagline – In that first meeting, we quickly identified a possible tagline and felt that by explaining how it could apply and be interpreted positively across multiple customer profiles, employee groups, and international markets based on DAP’s growth aspirations. That initial tagline, “Building What Matters”, didn’t make it to the final round of options, but I’m proud that it was adopted as the tagline and rallying cry for DAP’s community projects around the country. After demonstrating our thought process and abilities in that short meeting, we were eventually hired for the full project, with more than 30 minutes to create, vet, and deliver a final recommendation. After about 4 weeks, we had our final recommendation, which was approved and rolled out by the client. “On the Job Since 1864” rang true with DIYers and the pro users, and is now DAP’s official corporate tagline in use around the world.

Brand Video – With such a short window before the project was to launch, we knew there was no time to waste. We knew DAP’s brand, had a vision for what we wanted to deliver, and needed to quickly assemble a team to execute this project. With help from Baltimore’s best including production scouts, a team of writers, a talent agency, and the video, light and sound team from Mozell Films, we created a brand video that is to date one of our favorite projects we’ve ever worked on at the agency and with DAP.

DynaGrip – Ainsley & Co. worked with the DynaGrip product team to launch an innovative website full of helpful resources for contractors. Designed based on extensive research, the easy-to-navigate website features detailed product descriptions, frequently asked questions, technical specification documents, and custom Where To Buy functionality. The design incorporates eye-catching photos and videos of DynaGrip products and its responsive design allows for easy navigation of product information across all devices. This will make it easy for contractors on the move to utilize DynaGrip’s resources no matter where they may be.

The Results

We Delivered for DAP


Corporate Tagline – We delivered a corporate tagline that communicates strength, performance and longevity to both a DIY and pro customer, and that DAP quickly adopted and started using in the marketplace.

Dynamic Brand Video – The first-in-a-long-time DAP brand video was received to strong applause at their national sales meeting, and was adapted to run as a 60-second brand tv spot nationwide.

DynaGrip Microsite – The DynaGrip site continues to be a destination for our marketing campaigns, the DAP sales team, and DAP’s product managers seeking to communicate the value of this new product line aimed at the construction pro. Based on the flexibility we built within the site, the DAP team is able to maintain the site and make changes internally as new language and specs are updated so construction professionals can learn everything they need to know about why DynaGrip is the best choice for their next project. View the live site.


Award-winning video for a national ad campaign


Not 1, but 2 new taglines launched


New visitors to a new site for a new product