Project Summary

Franklin Apprenticeships first approached us based on a referral from a CMO that we’d worked with in the past. They were looking for help on two fronts:


  1. Marketing strategy, and determining what they should be doing to help fuel their growth.
  2. Marketing execution, actually implementing and managing the overall strategy once it was in place.


We first met with the CEO and the COO to learn more about the organization, how it had grown over the past 5 years, and what they wanted to happen in the years ahead. We learned about their clients, which consisted of Fortune 100 companies and the would-be apprenticeships they were looking to hire. And we took inventory of all of their marketing assets, from their visual identity to their website and social media properties to their sales presentations and marketing collateral. Our first job was to prioritize – what did this organization need to tackle first to take their company to the next level?


  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Elevating The Franklin Brand

    A quick check of their website told us that our work needed to start with their visual identity and website. Their color scheme, fonts, and entire visual presentation gave them a look that felt out-of-date, and stale – and in no way reflected the ambitious, modern, fast-growth company that they actually were.


    So like many of our clients when they first engage us – our immediate priority wasn’t to help drive net-new leads, and new clients for the business. Our very first job was to fix their current online presence so that they looked like the company they really were, and didn’t immediately lose credibility when someone came to their site, whether through referral, organic search, or company announcements.

  • Building a Digital Foundation For Growth

    With new identity ready to go, we needed to build a website that made it clear to multiple audiences what exactly Franklin Apprenticeships did, and could offer their customers.


    We started by mapping the online journeys of their two most important audiences – Fortune 100 companies looking to fill a large number of roles they needed to be successful; and a talent pool of eager but not-yet-qualified applicants looking to jumpstart their careers in tech.


    By focusing on the distinct needs of each audience, and providing the information each needed to trust Franklin and take their research to the next level, we built a modern, fully- responsive website that took Franklin from “outdated and stale” to “fast-growth apprenticeship hub”.