October 31, 2023

Hire an Agency For a Day. How a 1-day Marketing Workshop Can Transform Your Marketing for the Year Ahead

You can 100% hire an agency for a single day. Heck, even a half-day at that.

Making the decision to hire an agency to outsource some, or even all, of your marketing is a big decision. It should involve interviewing several agencies, asking good questions about their capabilities and agency model, and checking references.

But before you get to that point – you have to answer the question “What Is It I Really Need?”

Our Marketing Clarity Workshops can help you answer that exact question, whether you’re planning to fully outsource your marketing, bring on an agency for help with creative and execution, or just need a kick-start to your marketing efforts.

Our Marketing Clarity Workshops are perfect for organizations looking to hit the reset button, and make sure that their marketing is aligned with their current business goals. We’ll work with your team virtually or in-person to clearly define your target audience; set clear marketing objectives; create a strategy for reaching, engaging, and moving your prospects to action; and develop a clear timeline, budget, and action plan to help your company continuously measure your results and improve performance.

Here’s what we’ll need to get started:

Get the right people in the room. More isn’t always better, but you need people that can actually make decisions and give immediate feedback. Most of the time that means your CEO, CFO, Head of Sales, several members of the sales team, any internal marketing team members.

Pick a date where folks will have the ability to focus. Picking a date at the end of the month, or end of the quarter is typically a terrible idea. Find the day and time where your team is able to put their phones down, and participate with the least amount of distractions.

Do the pre-work. Before getting everyone together, it’s helpful to establish objectives for the workshop, and get as much information as we can. This includes asking questions about budget, revenue, profitability, customer lists, goals, getting access to sales data, analytics, and more. We want to make the most of our time together, and leave with a clearly defined plan for next steps, and a little bit of pre-work goes a long way.

Trust your facilitator. Everyone in the room wants your organization to succeed, but each team will have their own priorities and responsibilities at the forefront of their minds. Our job will be to bring everyone together to deliver a cohesive marketing strategy that has a reasonable budget, will help you hit your sales goals, is on-brand, and will enhance your reputation in the marketplace.

Don’t let the time and effort that absolutely should go into hiring a long-term agency partner hold you back from making significant improvements to your marketing plans for 2024. Take advantage of our Marketing Clarity Workshop for your company, and let us show you how successful a small, dedicated team with a clear vision and common goal can be.