February 23, 2023

How to Get Your Blog Posts, Case Studies, and Social Media – Unstuck

Just for fun – we’ve written this post in our best “pharma tv ad” tone of voice. Enjoy 🙂

Are you or someone you know experiencing moderate to severe content marketing paralysis?

Symptoms include case studies that are still in your head, blog posts that have been assigned to your team but haven’t been written, and outdated copy describing your services on your website. More than half of the companies we surveyed reported at least one of these symptoms.

The good news is we can help. Ainsley & Co. believes two things very strongly when it comes to creating content for companies that feel stuck.

  1. The best content has to come from your people, not pulled out of thin air by some ghostwriter…
  2. But they should 100% not be the ones assigned to write that content.

There are several reasons we would recommend this approach.

First, regarding the source of the content. The most relevant, timely, and interesting content comes from your employees that are working daily with your clients, helping them solve problems and guiding them to success. Those are the things you want to highlight and share.

Second, you have to prevent procrastination due to the unknown. If writing persuasive, engaging content for the web isn’t their full-time job, typically the writing assignment gets pushed behind any number of work emergencies that creep up in a typical day.

And lastly, maintaining a clear voice. Each member of your team likely possesses a unique background, training, and style when it comes to writing. Keeping a consistent tone to your audience is important.

How do we do this?

It’s simple. We talk directly with your people on the topics we’ve discussed, ghostwrite content in a consistent voice, publish, and distribute that content to drive people back to your site. We’ve interviewed partners of a law firm on their lunch break; visited job sites with drones to capture land development project updates; conducted early morning calls with shareholders of an accounting firm on their morning commute; and consistently delivered regular content, in their voice, that they use to connect with their key audiences on a regular basis.

We publish these blogs to their website, share through social media, distribute through email newsletters, and submit as thought leadership to associations and trade organizations, all in an effort to keep your firm top of mind with the audiences most important to you.

If you’re suffering from moderate to severe content marketing paralysis – we can help.

We’re here to help, even if it’s just a conversation, no strings attached.Let’s Talk