Ainsley Asks: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

The holidays are over, and in comes the new year. It’s a time to celebrate, look back on 2016, and embrace new changes that will come with 2017. Think of the new year like a blank slate —it’s a time to start fresh and improve something from last year.

Someone may have asked you what your New Year’s resolution is, and maybe you don’t know what it is just yet. Maybe we can help. We asked the Ainsley & Co. team, “What is your New Year’s resolution?” Here are some answers:

  • Britney: Spend less “downtime” looking at my phone (waiting for meetings, in line, etc.) and find more productive and human things to do.
  • Ally: Bullet journal and read at least two new books per month.
  • Marshall: Get better at reaching out to family and friends.
  • Heather: Put my phone away.
  • Emily D: Get out of bed earlier in the morning, get overall healthier, and be more optimistic.
  • Melanie: Travel to three places I’ve never been and read a book a month.
  • Jenn: I’m not into resolutions as much as I’m into lifestyle changes. A bunch of us in the office are doing Whole30, and the folks who created it emphasize that it’s not a diet, but rather a lifestyle. I think I’m slowly learning to embrace that. I also recently read about a successful marketer who wakes up each workday with a very simple plan: “To be positive, patient and productive.” It’s a choice to wake up each day with this mindset, and I dig it.
  • Kara: Shoot more video.
  • Tim: Play guitar more.
  • Kaylee: Start a book club.
  • Cason: Read more books (and join Kaylee’s book club).