Alcohol Detection Systems: Website Redesign with a Focus on SEO

The Who

Baltimore-based Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS) provides interlock devices to prevent drunk or intoxicated driving. An ignition interlock device is a breath alcohol analyzer connected to the ignition of a car. A vehicle equipped with a device cannot be driven unless the driver passes the unit’s breath alcohol tests. ADS provides services for a variety of clients across the U.S. through its install and distribution partners.

The Challenge

Despite tremendous growth, ADS was at risk of losing out on key revenue streams online. A nationwide company with more than 200 locations, ADS wanted to strengthen its online reach by focusing on hyperlocal SEO.

Unfortunately, the ADS website wasn’t optimized for mobile, which resulted in a lack of conversions and poor search engine visibility. Without this optimized mobile experience, ADS was unable to capitalize on moments that matter, as mobile searches tend to have a higher degree of local intent than desktop searches.

We determined that the target audience, an offender searching for an ignition interlock installation center, has the following characteristics:

  • A desire to get back on the road as soon as possible
  • May be performing searches in places where desktop computers are not available (ex: in a courtroom, traveling on public transit, in the passenger seat, etc.)
  • The need to find a reputable dealer nearby

Overall, our audit confirmed that ADS needed to improve both its mobile and local search presence on the web to attract and convert users.

How We Delivered

Ainsley redesigned the ADS site, updating it with a responsive framework and a mobile first design. We improved the user experience by simplifying the search functions and allowing visitors to find the information they are seeking quickly and easily.

Ainsley also developed localized landing pages for all corporate, dealer and install locations to capitalize on keyword searches with local intent (ex: “interlock installation Tempe, AZ”). We built separate pages for each physical location, with each page utilizing appropriate schema markup to tell search engine crawlers which location-specific information to index.

The Results

The mobile-friendly website was designed, developed and launched in December 2016. Check out the site at

ADS website screen sizes

ADS website get a quote

ADS website on mobile