Cinderella Story: Transforming Shabby Content Into a Sharp, Lead-Generating eBook

The Who

Chesapeake Systems is a leading expert in determining data storage requirements, designing systems to meet those requirements, and deploying those systems. The Baltimore-based company creates modern-day, high-performance workflow systems and media management solutions for large-scale media, sports and entertainment entities across the country.

The Challenge

Chesapeake Systems was in possession of a valuable chunk of content that would be extremely beneficial to clients interested in understanding more about a MAM (media asset management). The problem was this content came to us as a 3,000+-word block of text.

As a creative marketing agency, we had to determine how we could to present this content in a more palatable package and utilize it as a lead generation tool.

How We Delivered

We determined that packaging the content into an eBook would present the content in the most organized way, while showing its value to users.

First, we tackled the task of organizing the content into chapters, creating appropriate titles, trimming ancillary copy and concluding with a wrap-up and effective call to action. Next, our design team created a template for the eBook, incorporating the client’s color palette and using an edgy design to represent Chesapeake Systems’ focus on modern systems and technology. We selected appropriate images to further break up the content into more digestible and attractive segments.

Once the eBook design and copy were approved, our digital team came into the mix, creating a landing page that quickly highlighted the benefits of downloading the eBook, while using a simple form to capture the email addresses of highly qualified leads who had a specific interest in this niche content.

In addition to the landing page on the website, the eBook was promoted in Chesapeake Systems’ biweekly email newsletter that we design and deploy.

The Results

Our digital team tracked the results, noting that 49 highly qualified leads signed up to download the premium content. These emails were forwarded to the Chesapeake Systems sales team, who made secondary contact. The client was pleased and pleasantly surprised by the caliber of leads generated and plans to continue to produce additional premium content in the form of eBooks and case studies in the coming months.