Digital Marketing Top Five: #7

Every Friday, Digital Marketing Specialist Tim Moorhead rewinds the week and shares his Top Five stories in the world of digital marketing.

Facebook Audience Network Ads Reach 1 Billion | Facebook

A new milestone for Facebook’s Audience Network: More than 1 billion people see its ads on a monthly basis. Advertisers using Facebook’s Audience Network are able to reach 16 percent more people on average than on Facebook and Instagram alone.

Google Launches A New Way to Share on YouTube | YouTube

YouTube is looking to take on the likes of Instagram with a new in-app messaging function that lets users send videos to each other without leaving the platform.

Snapchat Signed A Deal To Target Ads Around Your Real World Purchases | Mashable

Snap Inc. has signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud to arm marketers with the ability to target users with relevant Snapchat ads based on products that they’ve purchased. Honda and Kia are among the first brands to test this capability.

How Much Does a Little Bad Buzz Affect a Brand’s Perception? A Lot, It Turns Out | Adweek

The ranking of the best-perceived (and worst-perceived) American brands is out, and a quick glance at the biggest droppers in score is very telling. When scandals and company missteps are disseminated via traditional and social media, it can become very difficult to bounce back from the “bad buzz.”

Have We Hit Peak Instagram? | L2

Instagram has been the dominant social media platform when it comes to engagement, although L2 has found a 30 percent decrease in the number of interactions per 1,000 followers. What’s to blame? Recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm have led to a decline in its organic reach.