Digital Marketing Top Five: #2

Every Friday, Digital Marketing Specialist Tim Moorhead rewinds the week and shares his Top Five stories in the world of digital marketing. 

Instagram Live rolls out nationwide | The Verge

It’s 2016, and we’re living in The Truman Show. On Monday, Instagram officially began rolling out live streaming to users across the U.S. What makes Instagram unique from live social streaming mainstays Facebook Live and Periscope is the live streams on Instagram are truly ephermal – once the stream has concluded it is gone forever. See ya on the gram.

Amazon Drone takes flight | Amazon

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Amazon. Amazon announced the successful delivery of an Amazon package by drone to a customer the U.K. The service titled Prime Air aims to make deliveries in 30 minutes or less using its drone technology. Packages must weigh 5 pounds or less and can only be delivered during the day and in clear weather. What was delivered, you ask? A bag of popcorn and an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

One Billion Yahoo accounts compromised | TechCrunch

That Yahoo account you haven’t accessed since 2009 was probably hacked – three years ago. Yahoo announced yet another data breach this week, disclosing that one billion accounts were compromised in August 2013 – making this the largest data breach in history. Pro tip: Use Gmail.

Facebook gets fact-checked | AdAge

Facebook has announced it is implementing new measures to fight “fake news” spreading on the news feed. Facebook has partnered with various fact-checking organizations who will flag fast-spreading hoaxes, or “fake news”. Once identified, Facebook will warn you if you share a story disputed by its fact-checking partners.

Google’s Year in Search 2016 | Google Trends

To wrap up this week’s Top 5, I leave you with Google’s annual Year in Search report and video, featuring the moments that defined 2016. On the search side, Pokemon Go was the most searched topic in 2016, after reaching levels of mass hysteria during the Summer. Per usual, Google does a stellar job with the year end video, which can be viewed below.