Digital Marketing Top Five: #3

Every Friday, Digital Marketing Specialist Tim Moorhead rewinds the week and shares his Top Five stories in the world of digital marketing. 

Live Audio is coming to Facebook | TechCrunch

Video has not killed the radio star. Facebook introduced yet another tool for brands and publishers to create real-time content. Facebook Live Audio will let you broadcast audio-only content, which is great news for talk radio, podcasters, musicians and authors. Expect to see Facebook Live Audio in the new year.

Instagram launches stickers for Stories | Marketing Land

In its latest attempt to keep up with Snapchat, Instagram announced the rollout of stickers for Stories. Users can now add locations, time, and weather stickers to their stories, a response to Snapchat’s geo-filters. The line between Instagram and Snapchat is slowly becoming blurred. What’s next? Filters? (Probably).

Disney to produce TV spin-offs for Snapchat | The Verge

Disney is set to create several new series that will exist as Snapchat Stories. Both scripted and non-scripted shows will be made for Snapchat in the coming year, starting with a Bachelor-themed show launching in early January. What’s notable about this deal is Disney, not Snapchat, will control all the ads that appear in its shows.

Twitter’s search results are now sorted by relevance| VentureBeat

Twitter updated its algorithm to display search results by relevance instead of reverse chronological order. Twitter reported the update was a result of a test that found users engaged more with relevant results and spent more time on the social network. I don’t really understand this, considering Twitter’s biggest (only?) upside is the live, real-time nature of the platform. Users go to Twitter for breaking news, not research. That’s what Google is for. (And if they want fake news, then they hit up Facebook).

Farewell: The brands we lost in 2016 | Digiday

Gone, but not forgotten. Digiday takes a stroll down memory lane to bid farewell to the brands we lost this year. We will miss you, but especially you, Vine.