Digital Marketing Top Five: #4

Every Friday, Digital Marketing Specialist Tim Moorhead rewinds the week and shares his Top Five stories in the world of digital marketing. 

Google Chrome Will Soon Mark Some HTTP Pages As Not Secure | Search Engine Land

If your site collects sensitive data, you have one month before Google will mark it as insecure for not using HTTPS. Beginning in January 2017, Chrome (version 56 and later) will mark pages that collect passwords, payment info, or any other personal information as “Not Secure” unless the pages are served over HTTPS.

Amazon Echo Could Be Key Witness In Murder Trial | TechCrunch

Be careful what you say around your Amazon Echo — your words may be used against you in court. The Echo records and stores everything it’s asked, so police in Arkansas have issued a warrant to Amazon requesting an Echo’s records as evidence in a murder investigation. Thus far, Amazon has refused to release data to police from the murder suspect’s Echo device. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as Amazon becomes the latest tech company to fight requests for personal info.

The Most Engaging Instagram Posts in 2016 | AdAge

It’s no surprise: Sports, fashion, and food lead to engaging content. Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Adidas and the NFL produced the top 5 posts on the platform this year. So, how does one make a sharable post? Well, according to this list, it better have an intense or evocative quality to it.

Twitter Launches Live 360-Degree Video Streams on Periscope | The Verge

Taking on other apps that offer 360-degree videos, most notably Facebook, Twitter announced the roll out of live 360-degree videos on Periscope. There is a catch, though. Everyone can watch the videos in 360-degrees, but only a group of so-called “select partners” are able to stream them at the moment.

The Biggest Brand Fails of 2016 | Digiday

Finally, to close out 2016, Digiday takes a look at the biggest brand fails of the year. Samsung’s explosive PR disaster and New Balance’s poorly-timed Trump congrats were among the biggest failures. Be sure to check out the full list of what made everyone on the Internet angry this year.