Digital Marketing Top Five: #5

Every Friday, Digital Marketing Specialist Tim Moorhead rewinds the week and shares his Top Five stories in the world of digital marketing. 

Amazon Made 10x More Money Than Any Other E-Commerce Site During The Holidays | MarketingLand

It’s Amazon’s world. We’re just living in it. According to a report from Slice Data, Amazon dominated the holiday season again in 2016, claiming 38 percent of all online revenue. To compare, Best Buy was the #2 e-commerce site during the holidays and only had 3.9% of all online revenue. The reason why it made 10x more money than its competitors? It’s 10x easier to buy on Amazon. This is a big reason why data research firm L2 predicts Amazon will become the first trillion dollar company by 2018.

Don’t Question Wendy’s Slogan on Twitter (Unless You Want Beef) | Mashable

Wendy’s Twitter game is too strong. Earlier this week, the fast-food chain went viral on Twitter for owning a troll so hard, the account was shut down. If you want entertainment, scroll through the @Wendys Twitter feed to see levels of snark that social media managers dream about. Check out the tweet beatdown below.

Ford to Put Alexa in Cars Starting Later This Year | TechCrunch

Starting this Summer, Alexa will be riding shotgun. Ford announced at CES this week that it will start putting Amazon’s Alexa service in millions of vehicles. Drivers will be able to ask Alexa a host of requests, including finding destinations, controlling smart home devices and ordering items through Amazon — all from the driver’s seat. Just remember, be careful what you say around Alexa. It may come back to haunt you.

Google Calendar Will Help You Stick to That New Year’s Fitness Resolution | The Verge

New year, new you, new Google Calendar. Thanks to the latest Google Calendar update, data from fitness trackers can be viewed right from within the Google Calendar app, which Google hopes will make it easier to stay on top your goals. Previously, users would have to manually mark a goal in Google Calendar as complete to avoid getting more reminders about it. With this update, activity from the fitness trackers will be recorded and used to mark goals as complete. Maybe those ambitious resolutions actually stand a chance this year (Spoiler alert: They don’t).

Instagram Rolls Out Improved Image Quality For iPhone 7 Users and Live Photo Support | 9-to-5Mac

Instagram announced that it’s rolling out an update to its iOS app that supports wide color capture and display for iPhone 7 cameras and adds Live Photo support. With the next app update, Apple users will soon be able to turn Apple Live Photos into a Boomerang, which is Instagram’s own quick looping image format. Meanwhile, iPhone 7 users will be able to share images in more vivid color.