Digital Marketing Top Five: #1

Every Friday, Digital Marketing Specialist Tim Moorhead rewinds the week and shares his Top Five stories in the world of digital marketing. 

Facebook rolls out mobile Creative Hub for all marketers | Facebook

Keeping up with the Joneses just got a whole lot easier thanks to Facebook. Creative Hub is Facebook’s latest product offering that allows advertisers to easily discover what other brands and agencies have created on both Facebook and Instagram, across 360 video, carousel, canvas and video. The tool also allows users to mock up mobile creative to see how it looks as though it were live, and lets them share the creative with anyone. Creative Hub is yet another effort by Facebook to help advertisers understand mobile tools and formats.

Google launches an emoji engine on Twitter | Adweek

Do you speak emoji? Then this is the feature for you. Tweet an emoji to Google’s Twitter account (@Google) and you’ll receive and automative reply with a GIF and a link to local search results about the emoji. Tweeting a picture of a coffee cup, for example, results in a coffee GIF and a link to find a nearby coffee shop. And tweeting a picture of a Christmas tree will help you find nearby tree lots.

You’ll soon be able to turn off comments on Instagram posts | Instagram

Trolls have officially been put on notice. Instagram announced it’s rolling out new functionality that lets users now turn off comments on your posts and “like” individual comments.

Twitter announces the 10 most tweeted Events of #2016 | CNN

Quick – grab a pen and jot down what topics you think were the year’s most tweeted. How did you do? Spoiler alert: #Harambe didn’t make the cut.

Google Study: Faster mobile ads boost clickthrough rates 200 Percent | Adweek

Brands and publishers have the need for speed. According to a study released this week by Google and video tech company Teads, mobile publishers using Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) video inventory platform perform better than those that stick with traditional mobile web. Data from the study showed publishers using AMP saw ad key performance metrics, like clickthrough rate and completion rate, skyrocket. When it comes to mobile engagement, slow and steady does not win the race.