New Year, New Design: 2017 Visual Trends

From awards season, to football contenders, to politics — everyone seems to be making predictions about what 2017 will bring. At Ainsley & Co., our design team has been monitoring predictions about what visual trends we’ll see in print and web design.

Logo Design | Just Creative

Whether logos are hand-drawn or animated, it looks like 2017 will be a year of simplification and minimalism in logo design.

Packaging | 99designs

Want your product to stand out on the shelf? The trends on the horizon include bright colors, exciting patterns and narrative illustrations. With hand-lettering making a big comeback, there’s also plenty of opportunity to get crafty!

Web Design | Designmodo

In 2017, websites need to be more than just a hub of information. As users expect more from websites, brands are working to create unique online experiences. From bold typography, to clever uses of parallel scrolling, to striking images — 2017 is sure to bring web designs that are as exciting as they are visually stunning.

UI/UX | Medium

The future is bright for the UX world. We can celebrate failures, virtual interactions, optimization, adaptations, sunsets, and Tamagotchi’s.

Visual Trends | Digital Arts

The Pantone color of the year (Greenery) is setting the stage for what we can expect  this year in design. A resurgence of raw materials, a focus on wellbeing, and Hygge will guide the visual trends of 2017.