July 31, 2023

Practical Ways AI Can Enhance Your Businesses’ Marketing Efforts

If you’ve spent any time reading news headlines, on LinkedIn, or opened your email, you’ve probably seen a lot of headlines about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential (or current) transformative impact on just about every business. If you haven’t tried our ChatGPT yet – it’s the fastest way to get a sense for what AI can do, for free, in just a few minutes. (Head over using this link, create a free account, and give it a try!)

Chances are, you’re already experiencing AI in action without even realizing it.

If you’re looking for a few entry-level ways to harness the power of AI in your marketing efforts, we’d recommend starting with these easy-to-implement solutions.

  • Creating Content – For Emails, Blog Posts, Social Posts:When you have an idea or theme for a blog post or other piece of content, try running it through ChatGPT. Remember, the output is only as good as the input, and it might take a few tries to get what you want, but the speed at which you can go from idea to fully baked blog content is pretty awesome. Check out these examples:
  • Chatbot Assistance For Your Website: You can and should use chat on your website, regardlessof what industry you’re in, or how big or small your organization might be. And you don’t have to staff your chat feature with a live person – AI can handle it. Think of it as an interactive contact form, giving prospects another way to start a conversation with you, if they choose to. AI-powered chatbots engage in real-time conversations with customers, providing instant feedback to their queries, and then forwarding that conversation to you so you can get in touch with the prospect when you’re available. By automating just some of your customer service, you can offer round-the-clock support, freeing up human resources for more complex tasks and delivering a seamless customer experience. We use Formilla on our own site, and would be glad to help you get this installed on your own!
  • Social Media Optimization: On social media platforms, AI algorithms work behind the scenes to optimize content delivery. Those precisely targeted ads you see? That’s AI analyzing your interests and behavior to provide relevant content. This not only boosts user engagement but also ensures businesses get the most out of their ad spend.
  • Predictive Analytics: AI’s predictive capabilities allow businesses to forecast future trends and behaviors. By analyzing historical data, AI can anticipate customer preferences, potential churn, and even the most opportune moments to launch marketing campaigns. This foresight enables businesses to be proactive and adapt their marketing initiatives for maximum impact.

Most small and mid-sized businesses may be just starting to think about how AI can impact their business. In your marketing efforts, you have the opportunity to create more engaging content quickly, time your emails and social campaigns to reach the most people possible, leverage a chatbot on your website for the first time to better connect with prospects before you know they exist.

As a first step – we’re happy to offer a free consultation to explore ways that your company might leverage AI to have better, more timely conversations and meet customers where they are. With the right tools and processes in place, a small marketing team (even a team of 1!) can have the impact of a team 10x their size.

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