October 2, 2023

The Website Facelift: A New Look Without The Pain of a Full Redesign

A full website redesign project can yield some amazing results, but for some companies – you may not have the budget, the time, or the energy to take on such a foundational project.

So does that mean you’re stuck with what you have until the stars are aligned, or you’re just so fed up with your current site you just can’t stand it anymore?


If your current website is starting to show some signs of aging, and you want to make some immediate improvements that will help both user experience and your marketing efforts – consider a website facelift.

Yes, we’re playing with words a bit here, but maybe take a few moments to ask yourself – what are the 2-3 pages of your site that make you nuts because you know they don’t look as good as they should? Those pages that look dated, and don’t present the image you want to your prospects and customers? (For most people, it’s the Home page, Careers page, and Services page, in that order. The About Us page is next).

If you just tackled those 2-3 pages as a focused design and content project – how much happier would you be with your site?

We’ve done more than a few projects for clients just over the past 3 months where instead of tackling a full site design – with all of the internal people that would have to be involved, budget approvals, etc. – we revisited key page templates, or added a few new ones to an existing site, with great results!

Here are few reasons why a website facelift could solve a majority of your concerns without the time, energy, or budget you’d need for a full redesign:

1) It Doesn’t Have to Cost A Lot.

Building a new website from the ground up can be a substantial financial investment, because  you’re designing a completely new customer experience for every page, and every touchpoint. It involves research, planning, design, development, and testing. A website facelift, on the other hand, allows us to focus our efforts on a particular page, and ask – what do we wish this page did differently? What’s missing? What does a visitor need, that they’re not getting? Design, Dev, and Content can come together and focus on a singular page and get things done much more quickly, and usually with faster approvals from the client, resulting in a big impact for your brand, without spending a lot of money.

2) Internally, it will be much less of a pain.

We’ve built hundreds of websites over the past 13 years, and when you’re tackling a full redesign that touches so many departments – things can sometimes move slower than you’d like. The amount of input, revisions, and approvals involved in a full redesign can make a project stretch on for many months.

3) You’re making dramatic Improvements everyone will see.

Your website is most likely the most public/frequently seen element of your brand identity. By updating your Home page, Careers page, etc., you’ll be letting customers, prospects, and potential employees know that things are happening at your organization that they want to be a part of. You’ll be able to design, create, and launch updates in weeks, not months or years.

Every organization has different needs, so of course we’d love to have a conversation about your specific situation before  saying that a “Website facelift” is the best approach. But we want you to know – you don’t have to wait to completely redesign your site. By tackling a page or two at a time, you can get a lot done without spending a lot of time or money. Let’s chat about your site, and see what we can do to make a big impact before the end of the year.