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The Who

Gilchrist Hospice Care is Maryland’s largest hospice care provider, serving thousands of Central Maryland families each year. Gilchrist works with patients in their homes, in nursing homes, assisted living communities, and at Gilchrist Center in Towson and Columbia.

The Challenge

Gilchrist first approached Ainsley for help with their media planning and buying. In the past, they had negative experiences working with agencies, so they sought a partner who was transparent, flexible and wanted a long-term relationship to help them grow. For the past few years, Gilchrist had been handling their buys in-house, but they knew that with a changing landscape, they needed a partner that could provide solid advice and take some of the burden off their plate so they could focus on their mission of serving patients and their families.

How We Delivered

We first spent some time educating Gilchrist on the ins and outs of media buying with an agency, the traditional commission-based revenue model, and how we are different. We are fee-based, meaning all media commissions are passed along to Gilchrist. Also, we performed an audit of the past several years’ media plans, what they had been promised, and what was actually delivered.

The Results

Just by passing along the media commissions back to the client, we were able to save them tens of thousands of dollars, which more than covered our fee-based services for the year and allowed them to expand their media plan to reach more Marylanders with the same budget. Our media buy gave them additional exposure on 5 TV networks, 6 radio stations, Baltimore Magazine, and dozens of cable tv networks including HGTV, Lifetime, Discovery, FOOD, The Weather Channel and more. This generated a 120 percent increase in gross impressions in the market, while keeping the same budget they had spent the previous year. Additionally, we were able to take the planning, negotiating, buying and tracking of their media plan off their plate, which freed up their time to focus on development and other marketing communications with their key audiences.

The common thing we hear from people who have experiences with Gilchrist is, 'I wish I had called them sooner.' I'm proud that our work can help families who need help hear the message of Gilchrist and know that they have a resource to help them through a tough time.
Susan Haus, Media Director, AINSLEY & CO.

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