Old Westminster Winery

Brand Video

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The Who

Old Westminster Winery is the Baker family’s effort to turn their family-owned farm into a place that produces world-class wines right here in Maryland. For the past eight years, siblings Drew, Lisa and Ashli have produced wines that many in the industry originally thought were impossible to make here in Maryland.

Old Westminster Winery Grapes

The Challenge

Old Westminster is one of the best-kept secrets in Maryland wine, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Their story — from the origins of their business, to the personalities involved, to the quality of wine they produce — is one of the things that makes them so special. They wanted to tell their story, and really wanted their message to be about the wine.

Old Westminster Winery Red Wine

How We Delivered

After an initial meeting with their team and scouting the location, we filmed for two days at Old Westminster capturing the magic that is the fall harvest season. We started early morning with shots in the vineyard, incorporating handheld shots with aerial drone videography that shows off their beautiful land. In our remaining time we filmed staged interviews with Drew, Ashli and Lisa, and shot complementary b-roll of them harvesting and producing the wine from start to finish.

The Results

The result was one of the most beautiful films we’ve ever produced. In the weeks following the release on Facebook, it was shared more than 150 times, with 36,000 views and counting. From scheduling, interviews, music selection, setting the pace, color work and extensive editing done by our team here at Ainsley & Co. — it’s a project that we’re proud to show off and that we produced from start to finish with our production team here at Ainsley.

Ainsley & Co. is world class. From brainstorming, to production, to editing, the whole team was a pleasure to work with and the video they created speaks for itself.

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