February 28, 2023

8 Ways Outsourcing to a Marketing Agency Can Help You Grow

Whether you’re thinking about outsourcing your entire marketing function by partnering with an agency, or just leveraging a creative services team to work with your in-house staff, our agency is ready to help. Here are 8 ways  that outsourcing some of all of your marketing to an agency in can give your organization a strategic marketing advantage.

01. Marketing Leadership.

Without the right marketing strategy, you’ll likely waste time, money, and energy by focusing on the wrong tactics, or delivering a message that doesn’t differentiate you from the crowd, or doesn’t move your prospects to action. Before social media, start building a new website, or worry about SEO or PPC or LinkedIn – bring an experienced marketing leader into the conversation to help you build a strategic marketing plan that will help you meet your goals within the budget that you have allocated for marketing. For the past 13+ years, our team has helped hundreds of organizations make smart marketing decisions that have helped them to grow and thrive. We’re here to help you make calculated, informed decisions that will get your business where you want it to be.

02. Getting Things Done – Fast.

Important projects with tight deadlines are the norm for us. Our typical clients come to us because they have a trade show, a conference, an investor meeting, or a budget deadline that they need to be ready for, and are a bit behind in getting started. No problem. Whatever your needs, we have the team, the network, and the experience to get things done quickly and effectively. Our clients know that we don’t overextend ourselves either – we always have some flexibility to help them knock out a priority project with time to spare.

03. Creatives On Demand: Design, Development, Video Editors & More.

You’re going to need more than just a CMO, or a Marketing Manager. The typical roles required in a given year include a CMO; Marketing Manager; Graphic Designer; Web Developer; Digital Marketing Specialist; Copywriter; Videographer/Editor; and potentially others as well. You just don’t have them all the time – you need them to play their part in the execution of your marketing campaigns; and then be ready if you need them again. Working with an agency ensures you have access to the right talent, and a team that has worked together before, and only have to pay them when you need them.

04. Access to Better Tools & Analytics (Without the Cost).

Beyond the talent, you’ll need the tools they need to get the job done. Agencies make a large investment in the tools they need to support their clients, both in terms of the cost and training on how to use those tools. Adobe Creative Cloud, advanced analytics, web dev tools, stock photos/video, Basecamp, Teamwork, Hubspot and more – we have a lot of tools at our disposal to help you get the job done.

05. Seamlessly Move from Strategy to Implementation.

While we will continue to preach about the necessity of strategy in the beginning of any marketing exercise to make sure you’re headed in the right direction – eventually it’s time to start getting things done. With an agency, and a fixed monthly budget, you can seamlessly move from the strategy phase into execution with your creative team without having to keep paying for the strategist as a full-time employee. Sure, you’ll want to validate the strategy, and confirm you’re getting the results you need – but having a team where you can throttle up or down the resources you need gives you a huge advantage.

06. Learn from Our Experience.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past 13 years, some that we’ve been supporting from year 1! They include clients in healthcare, financial services, non-profits, government agencies, government contractors, home improvement specialists, technology companies, biotechs, and more. You’ll get the benefit of lessons learned over more than a decade in marketing, communications, and creative services.

07. No employee benefits or liability.

If you’re going to need a specific skill set for 1800 hours a year, and feel that you can manage, motivate, and train that person, then by all means hiring them full time is a no brainer. But rarely is that the case. With an agency, you have the ability to pay for only what you need, with no long-term commitment, office space, overhead, benefits or taxes as part of the deal. We’re here when you need us, and it’s our job to make sure we have the skilled team members you need, when you need them, ready to work on your projects to help your business grow.

08. No long-term commitment required.

We typically start each engagement with a clearly defined project with a strict deadline and a clear budget. It’s our commitment to deliver an exceptional result for you in that first project, and earn your trust and your business for a long time. But even once we do – there’s no long-term commitment required to work with us. We’re here for you with the same energy and commitment every month, for as long as you need our help.


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