June 4, 2019

Ainsley opens North Carolina office at WeWork Raleigh

Ainsley, a Baltimore-based advertising and marketing agency, today announced that they have expanded into North Carolina with a new satellite office in Raleigh. The new office is part of the WeWork location at One Glenwood that officially opened June 3.

“North Carolina, in particular Raleigh and the surrounding area, has just seen some tremendous growth in the past few years,” said Tom Ainsley, CEO of Ainsley. “Expanding our presence with an office there is a great opportunity for us to pursue our vision of having small teams in multiple markets really positioned for growth.”

Ainsley has leased private office space at WeWork, with the ability to expand as the company begins to hire in North Carolina towards the end of 2019 and into 2020. WeWork is the largest tenant at One Glenwood, with over 80,000 square feet spanning multiple floors within the new building.

“When we first started to explore our priorities and options for a new location back in 2018, we took a decidedly different approach than we had in the past,” Ainsley said. “Rather than be locked in to a 5 or 10-year lease at a single location, we believed that having multiple locations in spaces like the ETC and WeWork was the best of both worlds. We have private office space within both of these locations, but still have access to the events, perks, programming and community that make a co-working space great. And, we have the flexibility to take on more space in both locations as we grow.”

Ainsley’s team in Baltimore is headquartered at the Emerging Technology Center at 101 N. Haven Street, which currently houses over 40 other technology-focused companies.

Ainsley is a full service marketing and advertising agency with offices in Baltimore, Md., and Raleigh, NC that focuses on providing a full range of marketing services, from initial strategy to campaign execution. Our capabilities include brand development, marketing strategy, web design, digital marketing, video production, public relations and web development. We operate with a single mission — to help organizations tell the story of their brand to prospects, customers and employees in ways that help them continue to grow and stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace.