Project Summary

Marshall Craft Associates is a 30+ year old architecture firm located in Baltimore. If you’ve driven through the state of Maryland without closing your eyes, you’ve seen their work: The United States Naval Academy, Johns Hopkins University, Towson University, Union Hospital of Cecil County, and more have all called on MCA’s expertise in recent years.


MCA first approached Ainsley to participate in an RFP they were releasing in search of a firm to redesign their website. GREAT! We were thrilled at the opportunity to work with them. The only problem? We (and they) just didn’t have enough information to give an accurate response about price and scope without a LOT of just plain guessing.


What we needed was access to their Google Analytics account; a review of their clients and their growth goals; an understanding of what content they had, and what they needed to create; and a clear design strategy for how this website project was going to enhance the user experience for clients, prospects and recruits coming to their site. That’s where we came in.


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • Working Backwards to Ensure Success

    There was a lot that MCA didn’t yet know about their website, their visitors, and how a website redesign project takes shape and should be executed. But that’s ok – most of our clients are in the exact same boat.


    We first proposed that MCA engage Ainsley for a small, but vital project to help answer the questions needed to give an accurate project scope, price and deadline. We typically engage clients who are looking for a website redesign in a similar fashion – a 3-4 week project where we study your site traffic, visitor behavior, your company’s marketing efforts, and your growth goals to clearly identify the role that the website plays in your business.

    Then, and only then are we able to ask the right questions and begin advising your firm on the right design and content strategy that you could employ to drive your business forward. Through the completion of this Phase I website project for MCA, we were able to help the firm’s leadership and marketing staff prioritize the pages and functionality that were most important to their success, while helping them stay under the budget ceiling they had set for this project. This guaranteed that they would be happy with both the website, and the final costs associated with the project.

  • A Great Firm, A Great Website

    By first engaging MCA in a small, month-long website strategy and discovery project, our team at Ainsley was able to deliver a website that allowed them to show off the work they do, and the expertise of the team they employ, with the same elegance and attention to detail that they give to every project. And of course – on time, and on budget.


    The new site allows the Marshall Craft team to add new case studies as they complete new projects, easily manage their staff listings as new team members join their team, and publish thoughtful commentary on trends in their industry and news about their firm.