The Challenge

The team at Ulman approached us with an interesting challenge – how to effectively rebrand an organization that had 20 years of history of serving the needs of young adults battling cancer, and their families. The organization’s name originated from the family that started the foundation after helping their college-age son battle cancer, and while the family was still heavily involved in the organization, the mission had grown significantly over the past 20 years. The Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults had also acquired or launched a multitude of successful sub-brands for various races, fundraising events, and service lines that were now starting to create some confusion in the marketplace. Just who was “Ulman”, and what was the best way to position the organization for future growth?

Services provided:

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Message Development
  • Research and Design

    After reviewing Ulman’s old logo, one of the things that stood out to our design team was how hard it was to read at smaller sizes.


    We wanted to create a more modern logo that was easy to recognize and would work on many different applications and sizes. This lead us to think about designing a word mark that was bold and able to stand on its own to evoke the feeling of reliability, a reminder of how Ulman was always there for these young adults. We also wanted to add a feeling of hope to the logo – the flame on the “U” represents how Ulman guides those with cancer and their families through an extremely difficult process.

  • We Get Results

    We ultimately helped Ulman choose not only a new logo, but a new identity and name for the entire organization. As part of the November 2018 unveiling of the new brand, Brock Yetso, CEO of the Ulman Foundation, said:


    “Our decision to simplify our name to Ulman Foundation was because of the organization’s values, vision, and philosophy, which has been consistent over the past two decades and started with our founders. Not to mention, our community identifies us as simply, Ulman. We felt the brand deserved an upgrade to represent the energy, youth, and optimism we see every day in our community. This brand refresh gives us the opportunity to start the next chapter of the organization and carry the torch for young adults for the next 20 years.”

  • We couldn’t be more proud of the work we did for Ulman, the relationships we built through the process of this project, and of the work they continue to do in the community. You can read more about the re-brand – and get involved with an amazing organization – here.