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The Who

DAP is a Baltimore-based company that is known world-wide for selling caulks and sealants for the home construction and home improvement industries, primarily through retailers like Lowes and Home Depot. In recent years, DAP has expanded its business to include adhesives with the launch of its RapidFuse All-Purpose quick-drying glue.

DAP: On the Job Since 1865

The Challenge

The DAP team reached out to Ainsley & Co. because they wanted the speed, service and hustle of a small agency, with the capabilities and expertise of a full-service agency. They had several immediate challenges — including creation of a new corporate tagline that would reflect the growth of the organization (both in size and product offerings) while conveying strength to the core audiences of homeowners, DIYers and professionals. DAP also needed a strong, one- to two-minute brand video to release at its annual sales meeting, then launch with a nationwide HGTV campaign.

Behind the Scenes at the DAP Brand Video Shoot

How We Delivered

Using DAP customer research and product data, combined with competitive analysis and a discussion on the future growth and direction of the company, we delivered a list of more than 15 different corporate taglines. We delivered our top three recommendations alongside a creative summary that outlined how each accomplished the goals set forth in our initial creative brief. For the brand video, our in-house videographers and directors pulled together a team of more than 15 local professionals, including writers, location scouts, and talent coordinators for production and post-production. The whole operation ran like a well-caffeinated machine.

The Results

For the tagline, DAP actually used two of our final deliverables: one as its corporate tagline that you can see at the conclusion of our brand film, and the other as the theme for its employee-driven community project that included building a playground in a Baltimore City neighborhood. The brand video was delivered on time, on budget, and was a huge success both at the sales event and as part of the national HGTV campaign.

Requesting a brand video that captured the essence of our brand, that appealed to both our professional and consumer target audiences with just the right balance of brand and product is a difficult assignment to begin with. To accomplish and execute it in record time in order to unveil to our company at an upcoming sales meeting, was unbelievable! The Ainsley team made it happen, and then some. They literally took an almost impossible assignment and crushed the execution. Their attention to detail and their passion to connect with our brand is what made this happen. We love our brand video and couldn't be happier with it.
Cathy McHugh, Director, Brand Management, DAP

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